5 Positive Sides of Donald Trump We Almost Forgot

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Not only was the recent presidential election one of the most heated in years, it was one where the most negative campaigns were used to tear down the other candidates. That being said, the nation had their voice heard despite president-elect Trump not getting across many of the plans he has for the nation. Now that things have appeared to settle down before the swearing in ceremony, this might be a good time to look at all the five positive sides of Trump everyone ignored.

1. The Businessman – Despite the Democratic party focusing on the fact Trump ran several businesses into the ground and had to file bankruptcy, those who paid close attention saw that a savvy businessman was able to utilize the system in place at the time to help him stay a float despite a poor economic future. Trump has been in business his whole life, and he understands what it takes to ride out tough times and to build for the future. The positive side of the country being in a near economic crash is Trump knows how to weather these times and come out better on the other side.

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