5 Positive Sides of Donald Trump We Almost Forgot

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2. The Connections – As a successful business person, the only way that you can get to the top is with the help of many people in position to help. When Trump was at the bottom, it was many of the connections that he made at the top that was able to keep him from falling off the face of the Earth. Now that he is in charge of the country, Trump has access to some of the most brilliant minds in the world and will be able to tap into their expertise when he stumbles along the way. With so many people in high places, Trump can get things done faster and have a positive effect on more people in that time.

3. The Working Man – When you start a long career in politics, you quickly find out that you are not stuck working those long hours that people in the trenches are subjected to. So unlike the people in politics who barely work an eight hour day and have more days off each year than they work, Trump knows what it feels like to work 18 hours a day because that is all he knows. Trump is right at home working long hours and not having days off for months at a time. This is a huge positive for a nation who is in need of a leader who will roll up his sleeves and keep working until the job is done.

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