5 Positive Sides of Donald Trump We Almost Forgot

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4. Having Plenty of Resources – Most people who enter politics utilize everything that comes with the job during their time. Trump brings to the table many things that a normal politician does not have access to. Trump has his own private plane that is even more elaborate than Air Force One. Trump has several mansions across the country that he wants to reside in instead of the White House. Each time that Trump uses his own resources, the taxpayers do not have to foot the bill each time the President wants to go play golf in Hawaii or vacation at Camp David.

5. Healthy Bank Account – One of the positive sides of Trump everyone ignored is that he is filthy rich. The salary of the United States President is pocket change for Trump, and he already said he does not want the salary and will take a penny instead. Over the course of his term, that is almost one million dollars the taxpayers don’t have to be concerned with. If Trump is making so much money in his businesses that he can focus on the job at hand, chances are pretty good he will be tapping into some of his own resources along the way instead of burdening the country to cover his bills.

There you have it, just a small list of the positive sides of Trump everyone ignored this election that really will help to turn the country around in short order. The country has never had a wealthy businessman win the election, and he brings many things to the table that could give the economy a huge positive shot in the arm.

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