5 Reasons Democrats Weren’t Suitable to Lead USA Next 4 Years

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Part of the reason that Trump became president-elect so easily and completely shocked half the nation was that the country was not ready for eight more years of the same broken promises. In the last decade, the Democrats had fallen into the routine of simply making huge promises without any real plan to bring them to reality. So as Hillary Clinton would hit the podium and talk about doing the same things that President Obama promised twice before, a shift began to occur.

Here are some of the reasons Democrats weren’t suitable to lead USA next 4 years.

1. Failed Healthcare System – On the subject of healthcare, many people was curious exactly what to expect when Obamacare was being developed, and to the surprise of both sides, hearing Nancy Pelosi say we will only find out after we approve it really struck a sour note with many. Even after a year of the system in place, things began to unravel quickly as promises of lower premiums and sticking with regular physicians was no longer possible. Once the premiums began to escalate and patients were forced to see different doctors, people had enough. The Democrats however stood by the plan and just did not realize that more of the country was growing frustrated with the plan and wanted out.

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