5 Reasons Democrats Weren’t Suitable to Lead USA Next 4 Years

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2. The National Doormat – The Democratic party wants to make everyone happy, and that includes those who want to enter the country illegally to escape the issues in their own country. The Democrats continued to make things easy for illegal aliens to get in the country and enjoy all the perks of living here, while the poor of this country had more taken away from them. The people who voted democratic last election were supposed to be getting all types of benefits that would help them to get jobs, keep their homes, and increase their income. What they discovered is just more of the same with broken promises and other groups demanding and getting everything they want as they enter the country.

3. Failed Military – The Democratic party not only did not want to strengthen the military, they wanted to make sure it was helping countries that were not even our allies any longer. The more the military was stretched thin, the weaker of a nation we became. As we would spend time helping those who should by now be able to pay and help themselves, we began to make enemies of our long-time allies too. So not only did those who already hated us want to hurt us more, those would were always there to help us were no longer interested in helping to keep us safe. The path that we were on as a nation was going to leave us vulnerable to attack unlike any we have seen as a nation in our past.

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