5 Reasons Democrats Weren’t Suitable to Lead USA Next 4 Years

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4. Wealthier Politicians – Throughout the presidential campaign, one issue that kept getting more attention was that those in politics that are there for life were getting enormous salaries, pensions, and benefits, and expecting more raises in the next four years. As the economy was crumbling, those in office at the time were getting wealthy to the point they were becoming millionaires in office. Those public servants who should be earning a modest income were draining the country of resources for their own gain, and we as a country were almost at the point of no return. Four more years of padding the pockets of those in office was no longer an option as the people want those in office to work and show results, not pad their retirement accounts.

5. Business as Usual – The reason Trump won was easy, he added a breath of fresh air to politics and didn’t just promise it would be business as usual. The Democratic Party was running on the promises Obama made in 2008, 2012, and they were simply trying again to go to what worked for them in the past in 2016. The nation as a whole just wants change from business as usual, and this was evident in the number of Democratic counties that turned to Republican in the hopes to really make America great again and cast aside these political lines that have destroyed us in recent years.

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