5 Ways Trump May Lead USA To a Bad Situation

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In one of the most shocking elections in over a hundred years, the Trump train managed to derail Hillary Clinton and become the president-elect. While the ones who voted for him hope for a better America, there are chances that he might not be as good as they thought. Here’s 5 ways Trump can bring problems to USA and lead country to a worse situation.

1.Infuriating a One-Time Allie

One of the promises that Donald Trump made to the country was he was going to put an end to illegal immigrants flooding through the borders. To keep his promise, Trump proposed that he will build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. It is hard to imagine that Americans really believed this promise, but apparently now that Trump is the president-elect, people better start paying close attention to his plans. Mexico was in the process of building stronger relations to the United States since Obama took office, but it appears Trump has little concern about destroying a relationship at the expense of building his wall. If the USA does in fact build a wall, America will surely be on the road to ruin possibly faster than the 4 years Trump will be in office. If we lose Mexico as a country that supports America, the list of remaining supporters will be next to nothing.

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