5 Ways Trump May Lead USA To a Bad Situation

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Scaring Away Big Business
Trump made it clear on the campaign trail that he is all about making America great again. To pull this off, Donald Trump has a plan to keep big business here in America while coaxing back those larger corporations that moved overseas to avoid the taxes that were crushing their businesses. This all sounds good in theory, but without a concrete plan it is nothing more than hot air. In true carnival barker fashion, Trump has promised the business owners of America a chance to thrive in this country by capping their taxes at 15% each year. With a cap in place, these businesses will certainly have the opportunity to blossom, but the deficit will explode in only a few years. Trump has no plan in place to stop the deficit from growing let alone to get it down. The money we borrow from China will become so expensive to pay back that we will barely be covering the interest while Trump is in office. Once we reach that point of no return, a financial collapse like the Stock Market crash of 1929 is eminent.

The Start of World War III
If you have only seen or heard Trump speak once, you know he has no filter. Trump is short-tempered when pushed on an issue, he will insult and belittle anyone who stands in his way. When Trump becomes the leader of the free world, it won’t take much for the enemy to get under his skin. Trump will have little patience for the leader of North Korea, and rather than deal with those issues rationally, Trump is likely to set off a full-scale war. If foreign leaders do not fall in line like the pawns he surrounds himself with, Trump lashes out. Trump will infuriate, offend, and push those foreign leaders to their limits, resulting in a war that leaves us defenseless because everyone will be taking the opposite side, leaving America weaker, exposed, vulnerable, and without the chance to defend ourselves.

So now you know all the ways USA can get ruined under Trump next 4 years. Trump is a carnival barker and cares only about promoting the Trump brand. Hopefully the nation as a whole comes together before it is too late and we don’t have a free nation any longer to call home. Just like how the country united to put Donald Trump in the Oval Office, they can rebel and get him out before he leaves the country in ruins.

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