6 Groups of People That Will Have a Hard Time Under the Presidency of Trump

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Let us assume for a minute that every campaign promise that president-elect Trump made comes true. That being said, this country has gotten used to politicians making promises and then doing nothing to make them a reality, but something feels different this time around. Trump made many promises, and even before he has taken office, he is already making good on some of them. That being said, if Trump continues to keep his campaign promises, these six groups will have a hard time under the presidency of Trump.

1. Immigrants of All Races – Immigrants as a whole will have a very rough go at it in the coming years. Trump used the metaphor of building a wall to keep illegals out to show he is going to get tough on those entering the country without the proper documentation. For those who have already entered the country or are still trying, things are about to get very challenging as strict regulations make it impossible to cross the border without dotting all those i’s and crossing those t’s.

2. The Muslims – Trump made it very clear in his campaign speeches how he feels about certain Muslim groups. Trump was quoted telling the New York Times that he wants to ban Muslims from coming into the country by the end of his first 100 days in office. Although when pressed on the issue, Trump said it was only a suggestion, this particular group seems to be on his radar due to the rising numbers of attacks on the United States by radical Muslim groups who have not feared repercussions from a weak country for many years.

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