6 Promises That Are Impossible For Trump To Keep Next 4 Years

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Now that Donald Trump is the president-elect, He is going to have to start backing up all those promises that he made in order to win the election. Although many people in America have become resigned to the fact that politicians make promises they seldom keep, things are different this time around. Donald Trump has bucked conventional running strategies and made promises that have inspired many Americans to get out and vote to make America great again.

That being said, here are just some of the promises that are impossible for Donald to keep next 4 years:

1. Repealing Obamacare
One of the first orders of business for Donald Trump is to repeal Obamacare. Trump has made it clear from the first day he began campaigning that he feels that President Obama was and is the worst president to ever hold office in this country. His hatred for the man has carried over to his promise to voters that he will eliminate the failed Obamacare system and implement one of his own. The problem with this promise is that millions of Americans are actually getting health care treatments for the first time and are utilizing Obamacare to get much needed help at an affordable price. Secondly, no one really knows what Trump has planned to replace the Obamacare with.

2. Building the Wall
Trump would get his supporters in a frenzy at each rally by proclaiming his promise to build a wall to keep illegal aliens from flooding this country and taking what is ours. he constantly talks about how illegal aliens are basically walking into this country, taking jobs, taking benefits, sponging from the system to the point that needy Americans are left footing the bill. Trump feels that by building a wall, these illegal aliens will stay put and allow America to be great again. Not only is building a wall completely unreasonable, the costs would be inconceivable. Trump has not explained who will pay to build the wall, and it is highly doubtful Congress will allow Trump to spend any money in reserve for such a foolish endeavor.

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