6 Promises That Are Impossible For Trump To Keep Next 4 Years

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Ending Career Politician Terms
Donald Trump has made a career out of being the ultimate promoter. Trump using any platform available to bring attention to his casinos, his line of meats, his tie collections, his golf courses, and his television program. Trump knows exactly what to say to get people to take action, and he uses his carnival barker mentality at his political rallies to get the audience in a frenzy. Trump looks for things that are happening in government that appear to be sticking points with the American people, and exploits those ideas in his promises as he runs for the Oval Office. Trump promises to end the long-standing tradition of politicians getting in office for life, cutting their terms down to size in an attempt to clean house so to speak. The people he plans to eliminate from office are those he will need to be working with, and chances are great they are not going to forfeit their jobs.

Making America Great Again
In order to make America great again, Trump has made promises about lowering taxes and bringing back jobs. His plan is to lower the taxes to a point that businesses come back, and those thinking of leaving stay. The problem with this promise is that trump is planning on cutting taxes or making incentives to these businesses who are already getting huge tax breaks overseas. By cutting taxes further, who is going to make up the difference when the economy crumbles? The middle class tax payer who is falling for all Trump’s promises will have to step up and pay more in taxes to attract these companies aback who are already experiencing a windfall by operating outside the country. The idea of keeping jobs in America is a flawed one, and simply promising lower taxes is not enough to get any industry motivated to want to grow a business in the United States.

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