6 Promises That Are Impossible For Trump To Keep Next 4 Years

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Turning Away Muslims
Many thought that when Trump began his campaign by promising to get Muslims out of the country that he basically committed political suicide. Most political analysts said that there was little chance that Trump could get the votes after making promises to ride a country of a certain religious group. The country apparently thinks otherwise, and the new president-elect Trump now has a real problem on his hands. He has alienated a huge group of people who already have problems with this country, and he is stirring a hornets nest with radicals looking for any reason to come here and hurt innocent people. These Muslims will not go away easily, and tensions will certainly rise if he tries to isolate one group based on the heinous acts of some individual sects.

Lowering Taxes for the Middle Class
Donald Trump is a marketing genius, he has the ability to grab the spotlight and use it to his advantage any chance he can get. Trump realized earl in his campaigns for the White House that he needed to get a huge sector of the voting public on board before Hillary ran away with this election. Trump decided that the working middle class was the perfect group to cater to because they covered many demographics and could swing the vote in battleground states that he desperately needed. Trump went after these middle class voters by promising them that he had a plan to lower their taxes. His speeches were from the heart, he promised to give America back what made them great, and he went for the jugular on every rally he attended. His promise to lessen their tax burden was not a new one, but he spun it in a way that many thought he may actually be able to pull off even though they are far-fetched and based in fantasy.

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