7 Reasons Donald Trump Will Be The Worst President

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The polls could not have been more wrong, Hillary was defeated and Donald Trump has become the president elect. In a shocking upset, Trump has promised to put America first and clean out the corrupt politicians who have destroyed this country. So with Trump getting ready to sit in the Oval Office, many people are already fearing what could be the worst years of America.

Here are the top seven (7) reasons Donald Trump will be the worst president.
1.Trump Can Not Listen

Make no mistake about it, Donald Trump can not listen to anyone. Even with the best advisors around him, Trump wants to march to the beat of his own drum. Trump is used to calling the shots in his marriage, his business, and even his television show. Even when those around Trump tell him to tone it down, he ignores their advice and goes on a tangent and embarrasses himself in front of a global audience. When faced with serious international decisions that could impact this country, Trump will not listen to advisors and will make impulse decisions that will put the American people at risk.

2. No Foreign Policy
To say that Donald Trump has no foreign policy would be an understatement. Political pundits have been foaming at the mouth trying to get Trump to paint a clear picture of how he will improve foreign relations, and all they get is more rhetoric and nonsense. When pressed on the issue, Trump resorts to name calling or bashing the other candidates. The one plan he has made abundantly clear is that he is going to build a wall around Mexico to keep illegals out, although he has not made it clear who will pay for that monumental undertaking. Of all the reasons Donald Trump will be the worst president, building a wall around the United States has to be in the top three.

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