7 Reasons Donald Trump Will Be The Worst President

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3. Zero Political Experience
To better understand why Donald Trump will fail as the President of the United States, you only need look at one glaring statistic. Trump has zero political experience. Now wait, this is not saying he has little political experience, Trump has absolutely no political experience. He is a promoter, like a carnival barker, promoting his golf courses, hotels, meats, ties, and even casinos, but he doesn’t have the slightest clue how to be a politician. Now maybe this appeals to some Americans, but once he is sitting in the Oval Office, it may be hard for those who voted for him to really feel confident in his ability to manage the entire country.

4. Terrible Track Record
So Trump beats Hillary, shocks the world, and now he gets to take over the reigns and turn this country around. The problem with that theory is simple, look closely at Donald Trump’s track record. The bottom line is that Donald Trump is an absolute terrible financial manager. Trump has filed bankruptcy four times and when pushed on this one issue, Trump said those bankruptcies were strategic business decisions enabling him to reorganize liabilities and assets to make more money in the end. So do we need a president that like Donald Trump that will manipulate the financial system for his gain? Take a closer look at most of the people in jail today, most of those Wall Street fat cats are close friends of Trump’s.

5. Trump is Offensive
make no mistake about it, Trump has the ability to easily offend anyone at any given moment. He routinely offends women when they do not fall in line with his agenda. Trump bashes the mentally disabled, he will bash foreign leaders, and even ridicules those who can not defend themselves. Donald Trump’s personal follies have been fodder for New York tabloids for many years. One year he is having an affair with Marla Maples, another year he is fathering a child out of wedlock, or maybe he is looking for wife number four. Trump talks like he is in the locker room with his college buddies rather than addressing the nation as a presidential candidate. He will rub many foreign leaders the wrong way.

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