7 Reasons Trump Can Get Elected For The Second Term

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When Donald Trump shocked the world and became president-elect this year, he proved that he could in fact do the impossible. Talks are already rumbling around the country of making sure a powerful Democratic candidate runs so that Trump is not able to get another four years in the White House.

The focus should be all the reasons Trump can get elected for the second term, so we will discuss a few of them here.

1. Bringing Back Factory Jobs – In a very disturbing trend over the last decade, big manufacturing companies have taken their business overseas where they enjoy tax breaks and the costs to produce products is less. In order to grow America again, we need to get those companies to come back or at the least stay here. Trump has not even taken office yet and he used his business experience and friends in high places to convince two large companies ready to pull up roots to in fact stay and grow their company in America.

2. Improved Foreign Relations – Over the last few years, relations with many foreign leaders has been put to the test. If this country has not offended one country, it is taking the side of their enemies and resulting in us having less allies to side with us. Trump has run many successful businesses overseas and already has strong relationships with some of those leaders who were pulling away from us. During the next four years he will be able to strengthen ties and build our ally connections again.

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