7 Ways Melania Trump Can Be a Better First Lady Than Michelle Obama

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Now that America has spoken and given president elect Trump a chance to make America great again, it is worth noting that we have a very powerful First Lady entering the White House as well. Melania Trump is unlike many other First Lady’s who have come before her, and she is poised to make some changes that could be a huge positive for the country as a whole.

Here are ways Melania Trump can be a better First Lady than Michelle Obama and help her husband make America great once again:

1. Improved Immigration Policies – While the one side of the country was bashing Trump for his stance on immigration, those who knew Trump understand he is actually married to an immigrant. His wife is legally in this country, something that she can use as a platform for all people wishing to enter America some day. Melania knows first hand how proper documentation can lead to the land where anything is possible.

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