7 Ways Melania Trump Can Be a Better First Lady Than Michelle Obama

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Understands the Language – When Melania Trump becomes the First Lady next year, she will bring with her and expansive understanding of several languages. In fact the new First Lady can speak five different languages, Slovenian, English, French, Serbian and German, something that should go a long way with helping to strengthen foreign relations and make her more appealing and genuine to foreign leaders.

Acting the Role – Even Trump supporters were on the fence if he could actually become more presidential as the race got more heated. Having Melania Trump by his side is a good thing because her and the children have been trying to get Trump to be more presidential this year. As the Trump’s become more accustomed to the White House, Melania will have a huge impact on Trump acting and becoming the role.

Making America Nicer – One only has to go back a few days before the election to see what type of impact Melania Trump can have on the country. One of her first orders of business she says will be to try and combat the culture on social media that everyone is simply too mean and too tough. Having to raise a ten year old boy, Melania has seen bullying up close and personal across many social media platforms, and will focus her efforts on trying to steer away from those attacks on one another and finding a nicer way to interact with one another.

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