7 Ways Melania Trump Can Be a Better First Lady Than Michelle Obama

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Success in Herself – If you want to turn around a country, you have to be able to walk the walk too. Melania Trump is not just a successful mode, she has two thriving businesses of her own, a jewellery and skincare line. Her products regularly sell out on QVC in under an hour, and she knows the role of the salesman and how to influence others. Her skills in this area could certainly come in handy when she is in talks with foreign leaders and their wives, something that has not been the case for many years.

Bringing Back Tradition – Trump understand politics and history, and he is determined to bring back the prestige and tradition that comes with being president. Melania Trump will play a big role in this transition because she is aligned more with elegant Jackie Kennedy, not Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama. It is very easy to imagine Melania as a traditional social hostess, someone that will put others at ease while not compromising on her beliefs or strengths.

Increasing Fashion Awareness – Melania will use her fashion sense and modeling skills to bring attention to the fashion industry in the way Jackie Kennedy did every time she put on a dress. Melania will have a keen eye on fashion, won’t interfere with policy-making in a public way, and will travel and boost the fortunes of the American fashion industry. Each time she steps out in public, designers will be fast and hard at work trying to mimic her dresses for everyday people to be able to buy off the rack.

While these ways Melania Trump can be a better First Lady than Michelle Obama are subjective, no one really knows what the new First Lady is capable of until she takes office with her husband and surprises us all.

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