8 Reasons it Was Better Republicans To Win This Election Rather Than Democrats

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Presidential election certainly surprised at least half the country. If you simply listened to mainstream media for the past year, you would have thought the election was over and that the outcome was already predetermined. It appears however that those who were told that they had no chance did in fact make history, and they might have been on to something after all.

Consider for a moment all these reasons it was better Republicans to win this election rather than Democrats:

1. Most Effective Presidents – If you are a fan of history, then you can make a strong case that the best and most effective presidents over time have all been Republicans. Say what you will about Reagan, he made huge strides in foreign relations, and he had zero political experience while filming movies with a monkey. Perhaps Trump can make serious strides towards really making America great again.

2. Stronger Military – One of the big reasons the Republicans came out in force to vote this year was they wanted to make out military strong again. In recent years, America has sort of become a laughing-stock around the world, and the fact we have more military in other parts of the world than here protecting our borders is becoming a problem. Republicans will focus their efforts on strengthening the military.

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