8 Reasons it Was Better Republicans To Win This Election Rather Than Democrats

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Restoring Healthcare – When Obamacare first came on the scene, even the politicians that voted for it had no idea what it really was about. Even Nancy Pelosi said that they needed to approve it to then understand what it was about. Republicans will take the best of Obamacare and implement changes so those rising premiums that were supposed to be eliminated stop once and for all. The Republicans understand that there can not be one universal healthcare system for everyone, and that you can not force employers to go out of business because of outrageous premiums.

Get Your Gun – President Obama had one clear agenda, he wanted to take away guns from all Americans in order to lessen the problem this country has with gun violence. The Republicans understand that by doing that, you leave the country defenseless against criminals who will always have access to weapons regardless the law. Republicans want to implement strict application processes for law-abiding citizens so they can protect themselves in their own home from intruders.

Work Harder Get Paid More – The push for $15 an hour for employees reached a fever pitch last year, and Republicans also recognized another problem. Those who work hard, go to college, should get paid more than those who want to just take any minimum wage job. You should not be paid the same for not attending college, the pay scale should be passed on your experience and your performance.

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