8 Reasons it Was Better Republicans To Win This Election Rather Than Democrats

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Improved Foreign Relations – One of the reasons it might be time for Republicans to take control of the House is because they feel strongly about improving foreign relations. Rather than letting the world use the United States as a doormat, now is the time to implement strict regulations that will allow this country to be great again and feared by those who wish to do it harm. Republicans understand that by strengthening relations with our allies that we all become stronger.

Rebuilding the Work Force – Over the past eight years, more large corporations have found it cheaper to operate by picking up and moving overseas. While Democrats feel those corporations are not getting a free ride anymore, Republicans recognize by making it more attractive to keep those companies in America, we can build strong trade relations again and put more people back to work.

Stopping Terrorism – If you want to know why terrorism it at an all-time high around the world, look at the weapons they now have in their possession. During the last decade, these terrorists have easily been able to acquire weapons from countries that we are too lenient with. The Republicans will stop funding terrorism by stopping funding and shipping of arms to countries who are working hand in hand with terrorists.

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