8 Ways US Economy Could Suffer Under Donald Trump

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4. U.S. Manufacturers Fully Expense New Plants
Trump has proposed that with his economic plan, a boom in capital investments will reduce tax revenue. The idea here is that big businesses who are thinking about going overseas will stay put, and they will be able to build huge glorious new plants will all the revenues they will be savings. While Trump is screaming and promoting this plan to keep business here, he forgot to mention to those business owners and the American people that it would likely increase the budget deficit tremendously.

5. Freezing Any New Regulations
So on one hand, Donald Trump has been campaigning around the country and promoting the idea of growth, economic stability, and making America great again. He promises to cut all that red tape when it comes to new regulations, claiming that last year alone over 3,300 new regulations were implemented by the Obama administration, up from only 2,400 the year prior. Regardless the impact on the economy, Trump feels by freezing those regulations it will increase the economy. Many of those regulations he plans to freeze benefit the economy, but now will be locked as we cut taxes and fall deeper in debt.

6. Altering Trade Regulations
Trump has promised that one of his first orders of business after beating Hillary Clinton will be to alter America’s trade relationship with the rest of the globe. He is unable to keep many of his businesses making money, but has decided that he is in position to run the country? His plan in a nutshell is to narrow the trade deficit, increase domestic production, and get fair deals for our workers. If it was this easy, this could have been accomplished by any former president, it appears to be just big talk from a promoter who wants the biggest seat in the country so he can promote the Trump brand and nothing more.

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