8 Ways US Economy Could Suffer Under Donald Trump

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7. Improve U.S. Energy Industry
When President Obama said he was going to kill the coal industry, he kept that promise. When President Obama said he was going to kill the Keystone Pipeline deal, he did that too. Trump’s economic plan included steps to not only revitalize the energy industry, but to rescind all the Obama executive actions that have occurred. Trump wants to save the coal industry, despite the terrible global impact on the planet, and is determined to get the Keystone Pipeline deal back on the table. Trump has a burning desire to eradicate any progress done by who he considers to be the worst president ever, and the American people will suffer as a result.

8. R
Despite millions of uninsured Americans finally having health care coverage and being able to see a doctor, Trump feels that by repealing Obamacare that he can boost the economy. Donald Trump has made it clear that he believes over the next ten years that Obamacare will cost this country over two million jobs. Despite the people who need that coverage the most finally being able to get treatment, Trump wants to eliminate the coverage and get back to business as usual. Trump plans to replace Obamacare, but with what? He has no clear plan to change the system in place other to say he feels it is not working and will make sure his first order of business as president is to repeal Obamacare. Voters should have put more emphasis on what Trump plans to replace Obamacare with rather than trusting his rhetoric.

These are just 8 ways Trump will ruin US economy, if you listened to any of his speeches this year you may have heard even more. Make no mistake about it, Trump’s economic plan will set the stage for a huge economic decline for years to come.

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