5 Worst Republican Presidents in The History of USA

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Now that Donald Trump is the president-elect, what better time to turn back the hands of time and take a close look at what this country has in store for it. Although many political analysts are already predicting Trump will rank among the worst Republican Presidents in the history of USA, we need to compare Trump to his predecessors to get a real understanding of the ineptness that is about to rain down on this country.
In no particular order, here are the worst Republican Presidents in the history of USA:
1. Ulysses S. Grant
When talking about the worst Republican Presidents ever to take the oath, you have to stand back in awe at Ulysses S. Grant. he is remembered for running probably one of the most corrupt presidencies in history. Grant had little regard for the people, in fact, he was more concerned about getting drunk while in office than tending to the matters of the leader of the free world. Grant was an unlikable person made zero efforts to change the opinion of himself after he secured his place in office. If asked today, most Americans can not name a single accomplishment that Grant left behind in his legacy.

2. Herbert Clark Hoover
When it comes to the worst of the worst as far as Republican Presidents, you have to really stand back and marvel at how low Herbert Clark Hoover has fallen. This president was in office when the country experienced some of the most horrific times ever recorded. If you are not convinced that Hoover was one of the worst Republican Presidents, look at how the country was left during his time in office. While Hoover was in office, the Stock Market Crash of 1929 occurred. Hoover then lead the country into the Great Depression, and as a result, was easily defeated by Franklin Roosevelt in the 1932 presidential election. Hoover has easily secured himself one of the lowest ranking presidents in history.

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